Scheduling for Thunderbird

Are you a Thunderbird user who misses the built in calendar features of Outlook?  Maybe you don’t but you weren’t aware that there was a calendar option for Thinderbird.  If you haven’t already discovered Lightning you should check it out.  Lighting provides everything you need to keep track of upcoming meetings and tasks you are working on.

Downloading and installing is easy using Thunderbird Add-ons!

After downloading Lightning (from here), go to Thunderbird and select Tools->Add-ons.  Click on “Install” and navigate to wherever you saved Lightning on your computer.  Click “Open” and Lightning will be added to Thunderbird.

After the installation you will notice 3 options in the lower left pane of  Thunderbird – Mail, Calendar, and Tasks.  You’ll also notice a new pane on the right of the Thunderbird Mail window which will let you know of any upcoming items posted in your calendar.

Have fun with Lightning!