Web development tools have come a long way from using Notepad or some other text editor in the early days of the world wide web.  Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Freehand, and Homesite are some of the tools I’ve used (or tried to use in some cases) in the past.  They are very robust and professional applications for building web sites.  They aren’t programs that the “non-techie” would be able to use quickly and easily

Fortunately there are lots of options available for “non-techies” these days.  Blogger, Homestead, Google Pages, and just about any web host provide easy to use web page building tools that just about anyone can use to build a web site or blog.  There really is no reason for anyone to not have a web site.  Well, unless they really do not want to have a web site, I guess.

Anyway, WordPress is one of those web development tools/sites that has become quite popular.  Initially it was pretty much strictly for Blogs (short for Web Logs or Journals).  But as the software developed and users found ways of doing it, WordPress is now being used to build traditional looking web sites.

There are two ways of using WordPress.  One is by going to WordPress.com and signing up for a free account.  The other is by installing WordPress software (from WordPress.org) on your own host (made easier by some hosting companies with easy to use shortcuts).

I won’t go into all the differences here, but I will point you to an article that will help.  Using either .com or .org you can build full web sites with built-in content management for very little cost (free perhaps?)

There are lots of WordPress resources available on the internet as well.  Just do a Google search for WordPress ThemesWordPress Plugins (add-ons), or WordPress Help and you’ll get tons of web sites that you will find very useful.

If you’ve used WordPress, or anything else for that matter, to build your web site and you’d like to share it with others submit a comment and include you web address!