Just the facts, please. (pt. 1)

Web Site Stats – Visitors

I was reviewing some site statistics this morning in preparation for a new service I’ll be providing my clients and thought what a great topic for some blog posts!  Some folks don’t even bother looking at their web site statistics, while others may look but do not really understand what the numbers are telling them. Like most statistics there is a certain amount of interpretation that needs to be done to really understand what the numbers mean.

Web sites statistics are extremely valuable and are often overlooked.  Without knowing what is happening with traffic to your site you have know way of measuring the effectiveness of your web marketing strategies.  You may be spending money or time on something that is not helping to drive traffic to your site or increasing visitor to customer conversion rates.  You could be spending more money or time on strategies that do work.

I’ll talk about a couple of my client’s sites to show examples of what I’ve experienced so far.  There has been no internet marketing, to speak of, for either site so these are good “control” numbers.

Client #1
This client’s site is averaging about 1000 unique visitors per month.  That may not sound like much to some people but when you consider this business is in a regional “special interest” market (of probably less than 1000) its not so bad.

When we look at total visits, we see that folks are returning to his site on average about 4 times.  That means there is something about the site that makes them return. We have some good ideas of what it is that brings folks back, but I’m sure there is more that we can do.  We just have to take some time to come up with ideas.

He is happy with the site we’ve built.  He feels his business has increased because of the web site.  We probably could do better though.  I’ll talk to him about some inexpensive (read “free”) ways that he can work with his web site to increase traffic and his customer base.

Client #2
This client’s site is averaging about 2000 unique visitors per month.  His target audience is potentially much bigger so we have some work to do.  We will try some strategies over the next few months to see if we can increase the number of visitors.

Another issue he has is that visitors only come to the site twice each month, on average.  So there either isn’t anything of value there or they’ve found what they are looking for and he has made a sale.  I don’t think his conversion rate is that high though.  So we have more work to do in that area as well.

He would also like to increase sales of a product that he feels could be doing better.  It also happens to be the part of his web site that receives the fewest visitors.  The strategies that we work on will focus on that product.

I’ll be writing more on this topic when I get time, or the inspiration.   I’ll try to use these businesses in future articles so you’ll be able to see what has happened through the strategies we’ve implemented.

I think this is a fascinating topic area and one that I know I have more to learn.