Just the Facts Please (pt2)

Web Site Statistics – A Case Study

Last month we looked at the web site statistics for two clients. We’ve tried a few inexpensive things since then to see how they would affect the visits to their sites. Well, things are looking up, but we have a long way to go.

Client #1
We didn’t really do all that we hoped to do last month to try to bring in more traffic. I did get his site listed on several web directories that cater to the types of products this client sells, but I had hoped he would have posted updates a little more frequently. Even so, traffic to his site is up by 15% and the number of pages visitors have looked at is up by almost 30%.

I think that regular updates to his site will definitely help to increase traffic, but I’m going to investigate a few other alternatives this month.  I’m sure that as we get closer to the Christmas season traffic will naturally increase as well.

Client #2
So far we’ve just scraped the surface of what we can do with this site.  We’ve been testing some AdWords advertising and have tweaked the keywords on his web pages.  The statistics are not dramatically improved but they do show that we are on the right track.

Visits to the site are actually down about 7% but the number of pages viewed is up by 30%.  So although we aren’t seeing an increase of traffic we are reaching a more focused audience.  They are interested in what the site has to offer and are spending time looking around.  We’re not sure if this increase is translating into conversions to customers, but it is encouraging.  We have to work on some tools to measure conversions.  Hmm….

It’s also encouraging to see that search phrases other than the company name are beginning to show up.  Finally, people that do not know about his company are beginning to visit his site.

We recently changed his Adwords keywords and we will be looking at the daily budget to see if it can be increased.  We’ll also be looking at on-line directories and the possibility of submitting some articles to on-line magazines to further increase visits to his site.

This exercise has been quite interesting to me so far.  I am learning many ways that I can help my clients to market their sites and their products with a little cost as possible.  I’m looking forward to finding new ways to accomplish this.

Stay tuned!