Nuffield Canada

Expand your Agriculture Horizon, Embark on a Journey of Learning and Personal Development

Nuffield Scholarships were created by Lord Nuffield after the Second World War in recognition of the contribution British and Empire farmers made to feeding feeding the nation throughout the war.  The first scholarships were awarded in 1947 and since that time over 1500 scholarships have been awarded.

Through Nuffield Scholarships, scholars have an opportunity to:

  • Access the world’s best in food and farming
  • Stand back from their day-to-day occupation and study a topic of real interest
  • Achieve personal development through travel and study
  • Deliver long-term benefits to Canadian farmers and growers, and to the industry as a whole

If you have an interest in agriculture and would like more information about Nuffield Scholarships then you should visit Nuffield Canada’s web site.