Facebook Secure Browsing

Not really Facebook Customization, but it is useful Facebook information.

I got a phone call from a friend a couple weeks ago saying she had heard about the recent addition of secure browsing to Facebook pages.  She had changed her Facebook account to enable it but then discovered that the URL for her page had changed from HTTP:// to HTTPS://.  She already had business cards and other marketing material with a Bit.Ly link to her page and a custom URL (Facebook.Her-Domain) printed on them.  She wondered if she could change them to use the new URL.

I happen to host her site and created the custom Facebook domain so I was able to change that, but Bit.Ly links cannot be edited so she was out of luck.  Because of that she decide to change her Facebook setting to turn off secure browsing.

Yesterday I discovered a couple other reasons why you might not want  to use secure browsing in Facebook.  This Mashable article – http://mashable.com/2011/01/27/facebook-https/ – is about Facebook’s implementation of secure browsing.  The last paragraph talks about how many Facebook applications will not work with secure browsing enabled.  Also, if you enable secure browsing it will slow down your pages since encrypted pages take longer to load.

Facebook’s default login process is secured by encryption to reduce the risk of someone gaining access to an account – you don’t need secure browsing for that.  Secure browsing is intended for people who use Facebook from public networks like libraries or cafes.