Repair and Service

Is your computer running slower than you remember when it was new? Perhaps it’s your imagination, but maybe there’s a bunch of nuisance programs running that is causing it to be slow. Your Digital Coach can remove unnecessary and nuisance programs and clean up your hard drive to speed up your computer – like it was new again.

Do you want to add a new piece of hardware to your computer, upgrade a component, or install a network? Your Digital Coach can do that too!

As much as we hope it will never happen, computers do break down. Sometimes you can save hundreds of dollars over buying a new computer by simply replacing the damaged part. Your Digital Coach can repair it as good as new, sometimes even better than new!

If you do decide to buy a new computer, Your Digital Coach can help to transfer information from the old computer to the new one.

Peace of Mind Cleanup

Get your computer running faster and make sure it is safe from malicious software

Virus Removal

Get rid of infections – restore your computer (backups made if at all possible)

Network Setup

Get your computers talking to one another – share files and printers.  Call for quote.

New Computer Setup

Transfer data from an old computer to a new one.

Give me a call.  You can either drop your computer off or I can pick it up.  There may be a small pick up and delivery fee if you are located a distance from Summerside.