Mary Gillis – MacLean Farms Ltd.

‘Your Digital Coach’ has been an excellent help and resource in the development of our company’s website. Very professional and innovative ideas with excellent customer service. Always there to promptly answer any questions or concerns or even make the slightest adjustment. Thanks ‘Your Digital Coach’

Judy & Trevor – Shipwright Inn (Inns of Distinction web site)

The website looks really good. The photos definitely make it look very fresh and current reflecting the quality of our members’ properties. Well done to everyone!

Sheldon Brushett – Pleasant Grove

Scott Jay, of Your Digital Coach, is a marvelous example of what a Coach should be. He is patient, informative, and helpful. His friendly nature makes him easy to talk to. Scott has answered every one of my many questions in a professional and courteous manner. Having Scott as part of my team has been a fantastic experience; he gives me confidence knowing that if I have a problem or a question, he is there to help. Thank you Scott for the terrific work.

Alan Miller – Dynamic Outcomes Consulting, Emyvale

Any time I need computer assistance I use Scott at Your Digital Coach – I know Scott very well. He’s extremely competent at understanding your needs and taking geek language into common every day approach – he’s relational – for me – and it’s important for my clients – he’s going to provide quality service.

For web strategies I would say Scott at Your Digital Coach very competent, he’s more than a designer – he’s a web strategist. For IT, he’s very capable, quick to understand your needs; you’ll get good and cost effective service.

If Scott (Your Digital Coach) can’t supply something he connects me with someone who can. For hardware we do a bit of looking around ourselves, I have an opportunity to sell something in Eastern Europe – I trust him enough that I know he won’t get in over his head – there are a ton of gougers that milk their clients for all they can – I know Scott and I avoid that.

For my business, I know I can count on a set of services whether it’s for me or my client, Your Digital Coach gives us priority service. When I’m out prospecting, I know I have that corner covered that I can bring him on as a partner in the project and he’ll meet the deadline.

Greg Caseley – Caseley Enterprises, Kensington

He’s got 2 or 3 things in his bags – he’s got the technical side – if I have problems with our computer system he can fix it, he’s got the ability to work with me on my website, plus he has expertise in recommending where I should promote that website on the net.

Chuck Kinney – Don’s HO Service, Moncton

We do a mail order business – since he’s built the website – business increased considerably – both with inquiries and with new business. 100% increase in business through the website from before, overall increase in business by 15-20% as a direct result of website.